Chris Redfield's Possible Role in Resident Evil Village

Chris Redfield’s Possible Role in Resident Evil Village

Chris Redfield's Possible Role in Resident Evil Village

Chris Redfield’s Possible Role in Resident Evil Village

Numerous story insights concerning the impending Resident Evil Village are as yet hazy. Who and what is the monster vampire lady, Lady Dimitrescu? Where is the game occurring, and for what reason did Ethan Winters need to go there? Lastly, the inquiry that fans have been posing since the game’s uncover, for what reason did the first arrangement hero Chris Redfield attack Ethan’s home to apparently take his youngster and shoot his better half?

The clear opening to Resident Evil Village has brought up numerous issues, and it appears to be improbable that reality will be fixed down before the game deliveries. In Chris’ last appearance in Resident Evil 7, he was working for the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance close by the transformed Blue Umbrella to capture Lucas Baker and prevent him from reaching his strange sponsors. While he was clashed about working with Umbrella once more, it was for a decent aim, and he gives no indications of redirecting from his picked way. One needs to contemplate whether conditions have fundamentally changed from that point forward, or if he’s basically being outlined by the trailer as more vile than he is.

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Detestable Mercenary

One chance is that Chris Redfield truly is working with the despicable powers having an effect on everything in Village. He might be working straightforwardly under Blue Umbrella now, and may have gotten desensitized to the entirety of their bioterrorism and free ethical quality. They could be taking care of him bogus data about his destinations and targets, and Chris could wake up later on. Chris may even be very much aware that what he’s doing isn’t the best strategy, yet clasps under the heaviness of corporate pressing factor, as he’d actually rather not need to take on a bioweapon flare-up undermanned once more.

One other chance is especially troubling: Chris Redfield is experiencing the impacts of the most recent infection. It’s indistinct if Village will simply zero in on only one infection, considering the huge assortment in forces contaminated people are showing. What is clear, in any case, is that the different beasts in this Resident Evil are significantly preferable assembled over the normal zombie. Outside of the stronghold, foes even look like generally ordinary people, in a way very much like Resident Evil 4. In the event that the infection just shows itself under specific conditions, at that point Chris could be stifling it with Umbrella-gave drugs while feeling results. In the case of nothing else, Village’s cover craftsmanship proposes some type of lycanthropy, which could take a long time to uncover itself.

Of course, this could all be the product of deliberate misdirection. There are only a couple shots in the various trailers to go on, and they could be manipulating fans’ view of events. Mia Winters is presumably an ex-member of the biochemical-researching crime syndicate The Connections. There is a good chance that Chris is only tranquilizing her to bring her in for some harsh questioning, as, by all known laws in the Resident Evil universe, she is an accomplice to bioterrorism. The Winters’ baby could also be affected by lingering remnants of the fungal virus from RE7, which both Mia and Ethan were infected by. While the baby could be taken for sinister reasons, it could also be so that the game’s true villains can’t get a hold of its DNA.

On top of all of this, the obfuscated information the audience is being shown may not only be the fault of trailer editing; there is a possibility that Ethan is hallucinating parts of the game. The hunter character who appears at the end of the latest trailer is particularly suspect, as he is seen in a room surrounded by floating objects. There could be a perception-altering aspect of the latest virus, and almost everything shown is suspect. If nothing else, doesn’t it seem unlikely that a Resident Evil virus can allow a more-or-less functional human to dissolve their body and clothing into bugs and teleport? Chris could just look evil to Ethan, and later on his unclouded eyes could provide a better view of the truth.

There are plenty of questions still outstanding when it comes to Resident Evil Village. While the presence of the Umbrella logo in the castle and notable similarity of Lady Dimitrescu to a Super Tyrant suggests more is going on, there’s no way of knowing yet. Fans will have to wait until the game releases to see the truth, and exactly which side Chris Redfield falls on.

Chris Redfield’s Possible Role in Resident Evil Village
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