Becky Lynch Marvel Movie Rumors Explained

A rumor is flying around which WWE Superstar Becky Lynch will appear in a Marvel movie. Superhero genre films, namely those of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, have been the most dominant force in cinema for more than ten decades now.

One or more comic book-inspired film releasing nearly annually as the very first Ironman in 2008, and frequently, they’ve already been hugely successful at the box office.

The MCU’s increase has seen them throw a variety of celebrities; for example, former wrestler turned actor Dave Bautista, that plays with a number of the very amusing and meme-worthy personalities of their MCU, Drax.

Despite the exciting possibility of Lynch appearing in a Marvel 4 endeavor, she’d have been part of.

Many Have theorized that Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings could Bautista followed closely the road of Hollywood megastar Dwayne”The Rock” Johnson, a former WWE champion, before turning to an action superstar, also, obviously, John Cena. The latter is in the Hollywood limelight due to roles in F9, along with DC’s The Suicide Squad.

The movie, aside from the tweet, there is not lots of information. Lynch’s involvement in an “upcoming Marvel movie” remains a rumor from Tapley’s tweet.

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