Chronicle Director Purposefully Sabotaged Sequel

Chronicle Is a sci-fi thriller following an accident that leaves them with 20 three teens who become buddies.

Because their forces develop, their relationship becomes strained, and they become dangerous.

The Movie celebrities Dane DeHaan, Alex Russell, and Micheal B. Jordan. Chronicle has been A monetary hit, totaled $126 million on a $12 million funding.

A Chronicle sequel appeared like a no-brainer following the achievement of this first film.

Manager Josh Trank has shown he tried to undermine the sequel to block it.

Max Landis, who wrote the screenplay, had been attracted by fox Movies to write the script for the sequel.

Trank knew he did not need the picture and consequently did not wish to do the movie.

Josh Trank has had it for the last couple of decades at Hollywood.

That, followed by tales of behind-the-scenes drama, has been shot and hurt his standing From consideration.

Trank has since approved The fabulous Four for part of his livelihood, even publishing his overview of the movie.

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