Demolition Man 2: Sylvester Stallone Says Sequel Is In the Works

Demolition Man 2 is in the works, based on celebrity Sylvester Stallone.

The first sci-fi movie Demolition Man Hit at movie theaters. It is a cult classic and lovers have been on the lookout for a movie for ages.

In the movie, Stallone played with with Sergeant John Spartan of the Los Angeles Police department.

Surprisingly, Sylvester confessed that Demolition Man Two was in the works at Warner Bros..

It seems like that there have been over just some talks about the sequel.

The first Demolition Man premiered in theatres in 1993 and starred Stallone as a Los Angeles police officer called John Spartan from the calendar year 1996.

Demolition Man has been led by Marco Brambilla using a script out of Daniel Waters, Robert Reneau, and Peter M. Lenkov.

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