New G.I. Joe Movie Already In The Works

Still another G.I. Joe Film is in development at Paramount, one that will serve as a Followup to the Forthcoming Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins reboot.

It has been more than a decade since the initial live-action film according to Hasbro’s favorite IP hit theatres, however, the toy firm and Paramount are working collectively to assist G.I. Joe attain new heights.

The new leadership for its G.I. Joe franchise (later failing to acquire G.I. Joe 3 off the floor ) is scheduled to be later this season.

Together with the composing duo already using a foot at the G.I. Joe entire world, after polishing the script for Snake Eyes, Their hiring to get a follow-up might be a positive indication about the film is shaping up.

The question only becomes whether Snake Eyes will stick the landing and also create excitement for more G.I. Joe movies.

This may also be a location for additional Snake Eyes personalities, such as Samara Weaving’s Scarlett, to reunite.

There may be no word on a manager or launch date to the brand new G.I. Joe Film, but it’s the case of Hasbro and Paramount construction Plans for a franchise based on the IP.

So Long as that job Remains in the works, then that provides Paramount and Hasbro three G.I. Joe related films in a variety of stages of development.

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