New Star Wars TV Show For Disney+ Officially Confirmed

Lucasfilm Formally Supports a fourth Star Wars TV Series for Disney+.

Lucasfilm has several Star Wars show in development for Disney’s streaming support.

Though a few of those jobs have struck behind-the-scenes problems, the expectation for everyone the Star Wars shows stays high.

Three TV shows will keep Lucasfilm occupied for the upcoming few decades, but they are not stopping there.

She’s writing and executive producing Along with serving as showrunner.

And to their credit, Lucasfilm is currently making strides in this section.

They introduced the High Republic publishing this season Initiative, comprising books and comics place 200 years earlier, The Phantom Menace. The studio said these novels Won’t have any overlap with.

The films and TV shows meaning they are working on By covering multiple, expanding the franchise mythology eras simultaneously.

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